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March 21, 2011 | Comment

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One of the major goals we have for this blog is to generate interest in our dialogue group that will one day evolve into a church.

Our goal is to begin and grow a church, most likely in the Brooklyn Park/Brooklyn Center, MN area that is diversified in thought, culture, race, gender, socio-economic levels, status, and age.  Our hope is that people at this church would feel comfortable asking the hard questions; they would embrace new and unfamiliar experiences, and have a hunger to do God’s work.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable asking the hard questions?  When you did, were you treated like an outcast as though your question was sinful?

Has the idea that one church has all the right answers all the time turned you off to church?

Have you ever grown weary at the idea that church time is more segregated than many people’s work time?

Are poor members, elderly, or female attendees less valued than their counterparts?

Our dialogue group began meeting Easter weekend of 2011.  We will even be setting up online access to the meetings via skype.  When we meet, we love to tackle these and many other issues.  For this reason, our dialogue group is not to be confused with a bible study.  Although we’ll do some of that, we’ll also spend a considerable amount of time on theology and church planning topics such as vision planning, worship strategies, role fulfillment, and more.

At some undetermined date we will have our first church service.  By that time, our dialogue group members will have grown, people will have naturally migrated into roles they are talented and led to do, and we are prepared to take the next step in God’s plan towards serving His people.  In future posts we will be talking about what we mean by diversity of thought and diversity in general.  Our blog contributors may post a paper they are writing for seminary or toss out a random thought or two.

Our hope is that this blog would be academic.  What we mean by that is simple.  As a seminarian in the technology age, I, along with my peers, am often asked to post to various class discussion boards with my ideas.  I’m also asked to respond to the ideas of others.  We all do so realizing that a professor may be reading our comments.  So, knowing there is a grade at stake most people have no trouble remaining constructive and respectful.  So, we don’t mind if you think a post is incorrect but we’re hopeful that you’ll humbly comment with your own convictions.

Finally, please let us know if your interested in joining our dialogue group.  We have no membership commitments.  So, if you’re interested in church leadership, healthy debate, or you just have unanswered questions, we’d love to have you.  Just check out our “Become A Participant” tab.

Brian Bram – Blog Contributor

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